Deleting an A/B Test

You might want to delete an A/B test because you no longer need it or because it tested ineffective promotional elements.

You can delete a test on a Staging instance, but the effect will only occur if you replicate the test to Production. For a more immediate effect, delete an A/B test on the Production instance. However, if you make this change on Production, you must also make it on Staging so that a subsequent replication won't override it.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > A/B tests.
  2. On the A/B testing list page, click the tool icon to the left of a test and select Delete Test from the menu.
  3. You can also open the A/B test first and then delete it. Double-click the A/B test you want to delete.
  4. On the A/B test details page, click the Delete icon.

    A message appears asking "Are you sure you want to delete (A/B test name)?"

  5. Click Delete to delete the A/B test.

    The A/B testing list page opens with the deleted test removed.