Using the Analytics Debugger

The Analytics Debugger (debugger) is a feature of the analytics JavaScript library. The debugger output is an alert message that shows each time information is provided to the JavaScript library for submission.

To turn on the debugger, include the following as the URL for a browser favorite or bookmark, and access that bookmark:;

The debugger uses a session cookie to track that it was turned on. When it's turned on, it remains on for the rest of the browser storefront session. If the browser is closed, or the session otherwise comes to an end, it turns off automatically.

To manually turn it off, include the following as a separate bookmark:;

The information shown in the alert messages is exactly what is provided by the template for submission to Salesforce B2C Commerce, but doesn't prove that it was actually sent. If the debugger shows that information was submitted, but data was not collected, you can contact customer support to validate that the information was received by B2C Commerce.


If data collection isn't enabled for the store front, the debugger shows the message:

Analytics data collection is disabled.

If data collection is on and the debugger is enabled, navigating to a page in the storefront shows a window similar to the following:

Message from webpage