Configure IP Based Access Settings

Limit access based on IP addresses. If you don't provide a whitelist or blacklist, the feature is not active and these settings have no effect.

These following instructions are for locale users who have not yet migrated to unified Authentication via Account Manager.
  1. Select Administration > Global Preferences > Security and select the Access Restriction tab.
  2. Enter a range of whitelisted IP addresses allowed to access Business Manager.
  3. Enter a range of blacklisted IP addresses not allowed to access Business Manager.
    If an IP address is both blacklisted and whitelisted, it's denied access.
  4. Select whether you want invalid login attempts recorded to the error log.
  5. To have an email sent when an invalid login attempt occurs, enter one or more email addresses, separated by a semicolon.
    If you don't provide an email address, no email is sent.
  6. Select whether you want to block login access to non specifically whitelisted IP addresses.
    If this option is not selected, non specifically whitelisted IP addresses can access Business Manager.
  7. Select whether you want invalid login attempts to count toward the Failed Login Count.
    Choosing this option can result in a user being locked out. This has no affect on users who are using unified authentication.
  8. Click Apply.