Assigning a Site to a Library

When you have created a library, you can assign it to a site. See Content Libraries.
  1. Select Administration > Sites > Content Libraries to view your organization's libraries.
  2. On the Libraries page, click New or a library Edit link to create or select a library.
  3. On the Library page General tab:
    1. Select the language.
    2. Enter the library ID. This is non-modifiable once created.
    3. Enter or change the library name.
    4. Enter or change the description
    5. Click Apply.
      When creating a new shared library, the Library page General tab reappears showing the Site Assignments section.
  4. Click the Add button in the Site Assignment section to change the site assignment.
    This button only appears if it's possible to assign the library to one or more other sites. See Content Libraries, the Shared libraries section.
  5. On the Reassign Sites window, select the sites you want to assign to the library and click OK.
    The assigned sites appear in the Site Assignments section.
  6. Click << Back to List to return to the Libraries page.
    The new library appears in the grid.