Finding an Order in Customer Service Center

To be able to use Customer Service Center, you must have been granted permission.

  1. Select site >Merchant Tools >Ordering > Customer Service Center.
  2. Select Find an Order.
  3. Enter the order number, customer number, the entire or a portion of the customer name, or the entire customer email.
  4. (optional) Apply a filter by clicking the filter icon to search by order number, customer number, customer name, product ID, creation date range or by attribute.
    Note: You can search for an order using order search attributes, such as currency code, coupon codes, order status, etc. When the filter icon is selected, the list of order search filters are displayed in a slide-out panel.
  5. (optional) Apply a quick filter by clicking the filter icon next to the customer number or order status.
  6. To view order details, click the order number.
  7. To add a note to an order, click Add Note.
  8. To create a new order, click New Order.