Approving a Development Certificate Request

The team admin approves team member requests for development certificates. The team admin gets an email when a team member requests a development certificate. The email contains a link to the Member Center to approve the request.
  1. To approve a development certificate request:
    1. In Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, select Certificates.
    2. Under Certificates, select Pending.
    3. Select the certificate.
    4. Click Approve.
    5. In the dialog, click Approve again.
  2. To install the developer certificate:
    1. On the iOS Provisioning Portal, select Certificates > Distribution.
    2. Control-click the certificate link and select Saved Linked File to Downloads.
    3. When the certificate is downloaded, on your local machine, double-click the certificate to launch Keychain Access and install.
The next step is importing the Apple Distribution Certificate.