Einstein Search Dictionaries

Einstein Search Dictionaries consume all site searches and search-related settings, and surfaces terms that are searched for but are not in a dictionary. It automatically detects relationships between search terms and recommends which synonym list to assign them to, driving better search experiences for the customer.

For example, a shopper searching for “salmon shorts” might not get any results, but Einstein Search Dictionaries would recommend that you add “salmon” to the synonym list for “pink” and “red.”

Einstein Search Dictionaries can also analyze data across the Commerce Cloud platform to identify relationships between search terms, making additional recommendations on which synonym list to assign them to.

Community Data pools your search dictionaries with other B2C Commerce customers, forming a unique source of data for generating search dictionary recommendations. Each customer involved must consent to contributing to the shared database.


Einstein Search Dictionaries is enabled by default, using only your site’s data.

Manage Einstein Dictionary Entries

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Search > Search Dictionaries > Einstein Search Dictionaries.
  2. To accept or decline a recommendation, click the dropdown arrow for the synonym group.
  3. To edit a recommendation, click an existing synonym group.
  4. Add or remove any of the suggested synonyms.
  5. Click Accept to save.