Facebook Dynamic Ads Integration

Salesforce B2C Commerce's integration of Facebook Dynamic Ads allows B2C Commerce merchants to quickly and easily get started using the Facebook Dynamic Ads product.

Commerce Clouds' integration to Facebook Dynamic Ads lets you (optionally) embed the Facebook Tracking Pixel into your site, and generates a daily product catalog feed, which is exported to Facebook. Merchants can then create ads for products, which appear on Facebook. (When you place ads, you place them in Facebook not Business Manager.) This is can all be accomplished with configurations in SFCC Business Manager.

The Facebook Pixel integration to support Dynamic Ads now automatically tracks:

To take advantage of tracking these events, Facebook must be enabled for your site and Facebook Pixel injection must also be enabled.

To be able to use Facebook integration, contact your Commerce Cloud Customer Success Manager to get started.

Following are the steps needed to complete integration:

To learn more about dynamic product ads, browse to Dynamic Ads.

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