Uploading an Image to the File Browser Window

You can use this window to upload internal image files so that you can assign them to products, product variations, or product variation attributes. See Image Management.
  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Products.
  2. On a site's Products page, search for and open a product.
  3. On the Product page General tab, click Lock prior to editing a product.

    You can lock a product if you have full permission or restricted permission (permission restricted to the site catalog of the currently selected site). This is independent from the selected locale.

    You can't lock a product when you have no permission at all. See Defining Product and Content Locking.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Edit button in the Images section.
  5. On the Images window, (only accessible when a product is locked), select a product, product variation, or product variation attribute in the Image Manager pane.
    The images assigned to the selected product, product variation, or product variation attribute appear in the Images pane.
  6. In the Images pane, click an image placeholder icon, for example, for the Medium, Small, Swatch, Hi-res, or Other view type.
    If an image is already assigned, and you want to assign a new image, delete the existing image icon and then click the image placeholder icon to select a new image.
  7. On the File Browser pane, right-click, and then click Add.
    The name of the image appears with a box icon.
  8. Click Upload.
    The images listed on the bottom of the right-click menu will be uploaded into the selected directory.
  9. The name of the image appears with a green check mark icon.
    The root directory shown in the file browser points to the catalog's static content folder as specified by catalog image settings base path.