Manually Adding Files to Sandbox Instances

Because primary instance group instances require WebDAV to use authentication, you only use WebDAV to move files manually on sandbox instances. The WebDAV interface supports binary files (plain XML) and compressed files.

For a feed to appear in the Business Manager, it must be stored in the correct subfolder. For example, catalog must appear in the Import/Export section of Products and Catalogs, while library must appear in the Import/Export section of Content.

You must have File Transfer Manager access privileges to access the Import/Export WebDAV share.

To Manually Add Files Using WebDAV from a Windows Machine:

  1. Select Administration > Site Development > Development Setup.
  2. Copy the WebDAV Access Import/Export URL.
  3. On a Windows machine, add a new network place pointing to the URL. Use the name and password you use to log on to the instance. For information about other ways to use WebDAV, see Microsoft WebDAV Clients.
    Note: You might be asked for the name and password three times when opening new directories within the cartridge.
  4. Open the network place and copy the files into the Impex/src directory. You can also create new directories.