Including Text Within a Template or Form

To include your language/text within a template or form, you reference the corresponding line from the correct file.

Cart Template Example

This is an example of calling resource usage in a template:

// Reference to resource minicart.viewcart in resource file
<a href="${URLUtils.https('Cart-Show')}"
// ${ Resource.msg('minicart.viewcart','checkout',null) } will grab the text = View your cart

This is the corresponding entry in


Form Example

This is an example of resource usage in a form:

//Reference to resource resource file
<option optionid="Visa" value="" label=""/>
<option optionid="American Express" value="" label=""/>
<option optionid="Master" value="creditcard.mastercard" label="creditcard.mastercard"/>
<option optionid="Discover" value="" label=""/>

</options>This is the corresponding section in