Mobile Web Storefront

Salesforce B2C Commerce's Mobile Web Storefront (Commerce Cloud Mobile: Mobile Web Storefront) includes a full-featured, customizable mobile storefront with all of the functionality you need to create a compelling shopping experience on a mobile device. Because a mobile applications provides a limited display, the SiteGenesis functionality was condensed to its most important elements: search and navigation, product display and checkout. Other features available through this application include pricing, checkout, content management and security.

Unified Environment

B2C Commerce provides a single, unified environment for managing both your ecommerce website and the mobile storefront simultaneously. Commerce Cloud Mobile Web Storefront uses the same catalog, merchandising, and marketing assets that you manage and create in Business Manager. You can deploy, customize and manage the day-to-day operations of both your mobile and browser-based channels.

Mobile Web Storefront works with any Smartphone via these browsers:

Note: The screen resolution quality of your device might impact your display. Mobile devices running a full-featured browser will provide the best display.

Excluded Features

When developing your application, use Business Manager to create, import/export and manage data pertaining to: While Business Manager provide full ecommerce functionality for a browser-based application, as reflected in the SiteGenesis application, Mobile Web Storefront provides a limited subset. Features available in SiteGenesis that are not available in Mobile Web Storefront include:

Included In Productized Version (Was Not in the Previous Version):