ContentSearch Resource (Shop API 16.8)


Http Method Resource Description
GET /Content_search Provides keyword and refinement search functionality for content assets. The search result contains only content that is online and assigned to a folder.

Search Content

Provides keyword and refinement search functionality for content assets. The search result contains only content that is online and assigned to a folder.


GET http://hostname:port/dw/shop/v16_8/content_search?q={String}&refine={String}&sort={String}&start={Integer}&count={Integer}&locale={String}


json, xml


Name Description
None No authentication.

Response Document


Query Parameters

Parameter Type Description Constraints
count Integer The maximum number of instances per request. Default value is 25. maxIntegerValue=200, minIntegerValue=1
locale String The locale context.  
q String The query phrase to search for. maxLength=50
refine String Parameter that represents a refinement attribute/value(s) pair. Refinement attribute id and value(s) are separated by '='. Multiple values are supported by a sub-set of refinement attributes and can be provided by separating them using a pipe (URL encoded = "|"). Value ranges can be specified like this: refine=foo=(100..500) Multiple refine parameters can be provided by adding an underscore in combination with an integer counter right behind the parameter name and a counter range 1..9. I.e. refine_1=c_refinementType=type1|type2|type3. The following system refinement attribute ids are supported:
  • fdid: Allows to refine per single content folder id. Multiple folder ids are not supported.
sort String Parameter that represents a sorting attribute/value(s) pair. Sorting attribute id and value are separated by '='. The value describes the sort direction. Possible values are 'asc' and 'desc', for ascending or descending sort direction. I.e. sort=c_myAttribute=desc. Precondition: You have to select your sorting attributes in Business Manager > YourSite > Search Indexes > Content Index > Sorting Attributes.  
start Integer The result set index to return the first instance for. Default value is 0. minIntegerValue=0


This Resource supports server-side customization.

Extension Point Method Detail

afterGET (doc : Document) : Status

The function is called after the request has been processed.

doc - the document
  • Status.OK for success.
  • Status.ERROR in case something went wrong.


GET /dw/shop/v16_8/content_search?q=about&refine=fdid=about-us HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8
Cache-Control: max-age=900,must-revalidate
Content-Length: 11318

  "_v" : "16.8",
  "count" : 4,
  "hits" : [ {
    "description" : "Welcome to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, where we recognize all good success starts with people ...",
    "id" : "jobs-landing",
    "name" : "Jobs Landing Page",
    "c_body" : "<div><h1>Careers at Salesforce Commerce Cloud</h1><hr /><p>Welcome to Salesforce Commerce Cloud ... "
  }, {
    "description" : "It all started with a series of observations: eCommerce merchandising and marketing innovation is what generates the revenue ...",
    "id" : "about-us",
    "name" : "About Us",
    "c_body" : "<h1">About Us</h1><h2>It all started with a series of observations ...",
    "c_customCSSFile" : ""
  }, {
    "description" : "Interested in getting more information about Salesforce Commerce Cloud? Here is information on office locations ...",
    "id" : "contact-us-details",
    "name" : "Contact Us Details",
    "c_body" : "<h5>Connect with Salesforce Commerce Cloud</h5><div><p>Interested in getting more information ..."
  }, {
    "description" : "With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, they're spending more time leading with merchandising and marketing. They're in complete control over their site ...",
    "id" : "history",
    "name" : "Our Story",
    "c_body" : "<p><strong>It all started with a series of observations:</strong></p><ul><li>eCommerce merchandising ..."
  } ],
  "query" : "about",
  "refinements" : [ {
    "attribute_id" : "fdid",
    "label" : "About Us",
    "values" : [ {
      "hit_count" : 4,
      "label" : "About Salesforce Commerce Cloud",
      "value" : "about-us",
      "values" : [ {
        "hit_count" : 1,
        "label" : "Our Story",
        "value" : "our-story"
      }, {
        "hit_count" : 0,
        "label" : "Our Team",
        "value" : "our-team"
      }, {
        "hit_count" : 0,
        "label" : "As Seen In",
        "value" : "as-seen-in"
      }, {
        "hit_count" : 1,
        "label" : "Contact Us",
        "value" : "contact-us-new"
      }, {
        "hit_count" : 1,
        "label" : "Join Us",
        "value" : "employment"
      } ]
    }, {
      "hit_count" : 0,
      "label" : "Customer Service",
      "value" : "customer-service"
    } ]
  } ],
  "selected_refinements" : {
    "fdid" : "about-us"
  "start" : 0,
  "total" : 4