UserSearchResult document (Data API 17.8)

Document representing an user search result.

Property Type Constraints Description
count Integer   The number of returned documents.
disabled boolean   Flag whether the user is disabled.
email String   The email address.
expand [String]   The list of expands set for the search request. Expands are optional.
first_name String   The first name.
hits [User]   The sorted array of search hits. Can be empty.
last_login_date LocalDate   Last login of the user.
last_name String   The last name.
locked boolean   Flag whether the user is locked.
login String   The user login.
next String   The URL of the next result page.
password_expiration_date DateTime   The user password expiration time
password_modification_date DateTime   The time, where the password was last modified
preferred_data_locale String   The effective preferred data locale of the user. A locale is only considered if the user has at least read permission on the locale.
preferred_ui_locale String   The preferred UI locale of the user.
previous String   The URL of the previous result page.
query Query {TermQuery, TextQuery, BoolQuery, MatchAllQuery, FilteredQuery, NestedQuery}   The query passed into the search
select String   The fields that you want to select.
sorts [Sort]   The list of sort clauses configured for the search request. Sort clauses are optional.
start Integer minIntegerValue=0 The zero-based index of the first search hit to include in the result.
total Integer   The total number of documents.