Coupon document (Data API 19.8)

(supports custom properties)

Document representing a coupon.

Property Type Constraints Description
coupon_id String maxLength=256, minLength=1 The id of the coupon.
creation_date Date   Returns the value of attribute 'creationDate'.
description String maxLength=4000, minLength=0 The description of the coupon.
enabled boolean   A flag indicating whether the coupon is enabled.
exported_code_count Integer   The number of coupon codes attached to the coupon that have been issued (request search only).
last_modified Date   Returns the value of attribute 'lastModified'.
link String   A link to the coupon.
redemption_count Integer   The number of times the coupon has been redeemed (request search only).
redemption_limits RedemptionLimits   The redemption limit per coupon code.
single_code String maxLength=256, minLength=1 Single coupon code, only valid for Single Code type
system_codes_config CouponSystemCodeConfig   The configuration of system coupon codes, including pre-fix and number of codes
total_codes_count Integer   The total number of coupon codes associated with this coupon
type Enum {single_code, multiple_codes, system_codes}   The type of the coupon code.