Attribute Manager

Order Management's extensible data storage architecture enables defining attributes on objects. Attributes are custom fields that let system integrators extend objects such as items and orders. An attribute represents some variable property of an object. Each attribute has a data type (such as string, file attachment, or list of values), a display type (text, HTML, list), and defined behaviors. For example, value domain, multi-selection, visibility. A “color” attribute could be defined for an item object to identify the particular color of an instance of that item. See Order Management Objects for the list of object types.

Attributes can help businesses:

Attributes are exposed to the websites and are available in the job system for querying, filtering, exporting, importing, and reporting. Attribute properties can be set for each object in the Object Manager.

Attributes are defined with:

Note: Attributes are visible in Customer Service Center; however, they can't be added in Customer Service Center. Item- and order-level attributes can be edited if the Publicly Editable checkbox is selected in the Attribute Manager in the Administration module.

Attributes can be organized into groups in the attribute list. Groups are simply for organizational purposes, such as by object type.

  1. In Order Management Administration: click Settings > Attributes.
  2. From the Attribute Manager, create a custom attribute, attribute group, or search for an existing custom attributes. or attribute group.
  3. Complete or modify the fields in the Edit Legacy Attribute Information and Localization sections on the Attribute details page.
  4. To save the attribute information, click Update.

The following are the fields and buttons that appear on the Attribute Manager page.

Fields and buttons Description
Search for Attribute Group dropdown (Optional) List to search by attribute group.
Search for Keyword Search by a keyword, such as an attribute name or text in an attribute name.
Search button Search for the select keyword and optional attribute group. A list of search results replaces the attribute group list on the left side of the page.
Attribute hierarchy List of attribute groups with the attributes within that group. Attributes that are not assigned to a group are listed in ungrouped group.
Group/Attribute dropdown Select to create a custom attribute or attribute group.
Group/Attribute field Enter a name of the new custom attribute or attribute group. If adding the custom attribute to an existing attribute group, select that attribute group in the list on the left side of the page. The new attribute belongs to the selected group. To not assign the attribute to any group, select ungrouped.
Add button Add the new custom attribute or attribute group. A new Attribute Configuration details page opens.

When you have searched for or created a custom attribute or attribute group, you can select an attribute or group, edit its information, or delete it. See Attribute Configuration Details.

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