Category Manager

A Category is a hierarchical grouping of items. Categories might be defined with sub-categories, as needed. Categories are a part of the Item Inheritance Hierarchy, and can be set in the Order Management's Provider configuration in Settings > Categories. See Configuring Providers for details on the structure of providers within the Item Inheritance Hierarchy. This means that the configuration of business rules, businesses processes, and business tools defined at a higher Category level are inherited by all lower levels (sub-categories) and the items they contain. An item might belong to multiple categories concurrently. The first category shown on the item record is designated as the primary category, and takes precedence in terms of the item's category data and provider configuration.

Categorizing items serves multiple purposes:

When the Administrator selects Categories from the Settings accordion menu, the Category Manager appears. From this page, you can perform the following configuration and management actions:

The following table describes the fields and buttons on the Catalog Manager page.

Fields and buttons Description
Category Name search A drop-down list of the object types. See Order Management Objects.
Search button Consists of the attributes (and attribute groups, if applicable) that have been associated to that object.
Category hierarchy (left side of page) with Category icon Shows the hierarchy of categories in the white area on the left side of the page, if categories have been created. If you have not created any categories, it appears empty.
Category field Enter a name to add either a root category or another category in the hierarchy beneath a category. The details for this category appear on the right side of the page.
Note: There is only one top-level root category. All other categories that you create exist in the hierarchy beneath this category.
Add button Click Add to add the category. The new category appears in the hierarchy view. The details for the new category appear on the right side of the page.
Import button Click Import in the hierarchy or in the Sub Categories section. The Import Sub Categories form appears on the right side of the page.
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