Item Search Results

The Item Search Results page is a listing of items that met the selected search criteria. This listing can give you a quick overview of the workflow status of the items as well as the inventory levels. From here you can select an item by the item ID link to open the item details page where you can manage the item. See Item Details for information on the details that can be managed for an item.

There are three ways to perform item searches in the Administration module: Selecting a list of items in a particular state from the Item Summary section, browsing an item set from the Item Sets section, browsing items by catalog/category in the Item Browser section, or using the search form at the top of the Inventory Manager page. You can also browse stems by catalog/category in Customer Service Center. See Searching for Items for detailed steps to search for items.

The search results are shown in a list view. Individual records can be opened by clicking ID links. Multiple records can be selected by checking the boxes next to the records. Checking the column header box checks all records in the search results. Buttons below the results allow checking all, clearing all, checking records on that page and clearing checks on that page. When records have been checked, the page refreshes to expose the bulk actions at the bottom which might be taken on all the records that have been selected. See Item checkbox in the table below.

To search and view a list of items, follow these steps:

  1. In the Inventory accordion menu, select Inventory Manager. The Inventory Manager dashboard page appears. See Inventory Manager.
  2. Search and locate the item(s). The item search results page appears.

The following table describes the fields, buttons, and components of the item search results page.

Fields and Buttons Description
Search results listing A listing of all identified items that met the search criteria. The Item ID, Tag of the item, item type, item title, currency, price, inventory status of (T) Total Items, (OH) Items On Hand, (HO) On Hold, and (OO) On Order. Also the workflow status is listed, such as Waiting Approval, Waiting Fulfillment.

The item type is noted with the item icon (). The types that can display include: inventory master item icon ( ), inventory kit items icon (), or a Inventory Physical icon ( ).

Note: The currency symbol and currency code reflect the base system currency. See Multiple Currencies.
Item checkbox If the checkbox is selected, the page is refreshed with actions that can be performed for that item including:
  • Run an action on these X Items and Show Delete button
  • Change the basis price on these X items
  • Modify the catalog on these X items
  • Perform set operations on these X items (Create Global Set or Create User Set)
Available Only checkbox If the checkbox is selected, only items currently available are listed in the search results.
Item ID link Opens the item details page to perform a number of operations including editing, deleting, removing item, approving and cloning. See Editing Items.
Check All button Selects all record boxes. The page is refreshed with actions that can be performed as described in the item checkbox above.
Clear All button Clears all selected record boxes.
Check Page button Selects all record boxes on the page that appears. The page is refreshed with actions that can be performed as described in the item checkbox above.
Clear Page button Clears all selected record boxes on the page that appears.
Spreadsheet icon ( ) Shows the search results in spreadsheet form.

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