Eligible Credit Destinations

When you click Calculate, the amount to be credited to the customer is calculated, the credit amount appears, and the Eligible Credit Destinations form appears. The following credit destinations are possible:

The following table describes the fields and buttons that appear on the Eligible Credit Destinations page.

Fields and Buttons Description
Total Amount to Credit The amount to be credited to the customer. When you select one or more payment methods, be sure that the total amount applied to all destinations is equal to the total amount to be credited to the order.
Note: The currency code reflects the order currency. The number format is in the format of the user account. See Localization.
Apply Credit checkbox A checkbox to specify the payment method for the credit. Options include the original payment method, a gift card, or none (credit memo).
Max Credit Amount The maximum amount of the credit for each payment destination. No payment method can be credited in excess of the amount that was originally charged. For example, partial payment is applied to the credit card with the balance applied to a gift card.
Payment Type The type of payment such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Gift Card, or Credit Memo.
Payment Number The encrypted payment/credit card number. Only the last four digits appear. (For gift cards, the gift card number can be entered.)
Expiration Month The month (MMM) when the payment method expires.
Expiration Year The year (YYYY) when the payment method expires.
CVV The Card Verification Value (CVV) number, which is used as an additional security feature for the payment method.
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