Handle Excess Funds with Payment Captured Before Allocation

Order Management can authorize only, or authorize and capture, order payments before order allocation. This functionality applies to orders imported from B2C Commerce or orders created in Customer Service Center. (For Customer Service Center orders, to capture payments before allocation, the Customer Service provider setting Order Entry Payment Transaction Override must be set to Sale.)

When payment is captured at the time of order placement, Customer Service Center handles refunds as follows:

If payment was captured before allocation, and a Customer Service Center user modifies the order, then clicking Calculate displays any refund in the Total Excess Funds field. If any previously calculated credit was applied, it's included in this total. See Modifying Existing Orders in Customer Service Center. The process to refund excess funds to the customer is configured in the Customer Service Provider setting, Order Edit Refund Credits and Excess Funds, as follows: For example, If the Customer Service Center user checks the Credit excess funds immediately checkbox, the user is then prompted to identify the credit destination and reason for adjustment. Clicking Submit processes the refund. For Auto or Optional refunds, the order detail page includes the update to the order, the refund transaction, and the recalculation of the Summary totals.

The following table describes the fields and buttons that appear below the Calculate button on the Order detail page.

Fields and Buttons Description
Total Excess Funds The credit amount based on miscellaneous credits or item-level credits plus any previously calculated credit that was applied.
Credit excess funds immediately checkbox If the Customer Service provider setting is set to Optional, the Customer Service user can choose whether to refund the excess funds immediately. Select this box to immediately refund the excess funds. The Eligible Credit Destinations and Reason for Adjustment sections appear. and must be populated.
Total Amount to Credit The amount to credit to the customer. This total includes any previously calculated credit that was applied. If the Customer Service provider setting was set to Optional and the user doesn't select the Credit excess funds immediately checkbox, the Total Amount to Credit remains at 0.00.
Eligible Credit Destinations section The credit destinations to apply the credit. For example, Original Payment Method or Gift Card.
Submit button Click to process the refund to the customer.
Order Updated section Lists the updated actions performed for this order. It appears at the top of the Order detail page.
Related Payment Transaction section Lists the payment transaction records that track the refund. For example, "Refund - This transaction has been approved."
Activity History section Shows the activities associated with the payments.
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