Searching for User Accounts in the Administration Module

Search for a user account to manage its details, change its assigned roles, expire the password, or view effective permissions.

  1. In Order Management Administration: Security > Users.
  2. From the Security Manager page, review the information about user accounts, if present.
  3. You can use the search form at the top of the page to find a user account. The following search criteria are available:
    • Site (list)
    • Username
    • Last Name
    • Security Level (list of roles)
  4. Click Search. Any user accounts matching the search criteria appear in a list with the following information:
    • Type: If you hover over the icon, the type of account appears.
    • Username: If you select the username, the Edit User window opens for that user account.
    • Full Name: If you select the full name, the Edit User window opens for that user account.
    • Email: To open a new email using your default email system (not Order Management email), select the email address.
    • Security Level: The most permissive role associated with that account.
    • Site: If a site has been associated with that user account, it is listed here.
  5. To expire the password for that user account, click Expire Password.