Configure Asynchronous Mode for the Adyen Processor

The Adyen payment processor sends responses using synchronous or asynchronous modes. With asynchronous mode, transaction responses can be immediate or delayed. The Adyen provider setting must be configured to enable asynchronous processing.

Contact Salesforce Support to install the Adyen cartridge in your Salesforce B2C Commerce instance.

  1. In Order Management Administration, click Settings > Preferences > External Processors > Payments.
  2. On the Payment Processors page, select the Adyen payment processor. If not yet added, select Adyen from the Processor dropdown list. Click Add. See Manually Configure the Payment Processor for general instructions.
  3. Scroll down to the Processor Settings for Adyen.
  4. Select Yes from the AsyncNotificationEnabled dropdown list.
    A Notification URL appears. Here is an example URL: https://your_domain_name/services/Processors/Adyen/AdyenNotificationHandler.ashx?domain=your_domain_name&token=TBD&cppg=d2db2020-f21c-4cf3-9b61-3a23bedbc3f5

    You are prompted to create a service user account, generate an API token, then insert that token in the URL where it says token=TBD.

  5. If a service account exists with a generated token, go to step 7.
  6. If a token has not yet been generated, generate one by creating a service user account.
    1. In Order Management Administration, click Security > Users to open the Security Manager.
    2. To create a service user account for your application to use, click New User.
    3. Set the User Type field to Service.
    4. Assign the Administrator role to the user account.
    5. To save the new account, click Update.
    6. Return to the Security Manager page and click search for a list of user accounts. Service user accounts can be identified in search results by the computer icon in the Type column.
    7. To open the account fields, click the service user account.
    8. From the API Tokens section, click Generate Token.
  7. Log into the Adyen portal.
    1. From the Adyen Control panel, click Settings > Server Communication.
    2. Click Add for Standard Notification.
    3. Copy and paste the URL that includes the token generated in Order Management > Security > Users.
    4. Click Save.copy.
      The correct URL appears in the Standard Notification rows on the user page.
    5. To validate that the communication works between Order Management and Adyen, click Test Configuration.
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