Marking Line Items as Zero Inventory

An individual line item in a claimed shipping order that can't be shipped (for example, customers in the store have purchased all available stock) can be marked as zero inventory. When a line item is market as zero inventory, Order Management sets the inventory of that item for the current site to 0. This prevents further shipping orders that include that item from being allocated to the store until the inventory is updated.

To do this, you must claim the shipping order, and then mark the line items as zero inventory. The shipping order can still be rejected from the Waiting Fulfillment queue after it's initially claimed, or it can be partially shipped.

  1. In Order Management Retail Center: click the Unclaimed tab.
  2. Browse for the shipping order you want to process.
  3. Click the shipping order number or the Detail arrow icon at the right end of the row to open the shipping order.
  4. Click Claim at the bottom of the window to claim the shipping order for an order that is Waiting Pick/Pack.
    The order must be claimed from the Unclaimed queue, even if you subsequently reject it.
  5. Select None in the Can Ship field for a line item that you want to mark as zero inventory. See Fulfilling Shipping Orders in Retail Center.

    Rejecting a shipping order from the Unclaimed queue doesn't set any of its items to zero inventory. Items can only be set to zero inventory this way once the shipping order is claimed and is in Waiting Fulfillment status.

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