Configure the User Interface for a Payment Processor

When you create a payment processor, customers can buy products using that processor. However, the Business Manager user interface doesn't automatically create the customer attributes for the payment processor. To add the attributes, create an ISML in a custom cartridge.
  1. Create an ISML file containing the data that you want to show on the Order page.
  2. Name the ISML file PaymentInstrumentInfo_.{payment_method_id}.
    The {payment_method_id} is the ID of your payment method under ordering.
  3. Create a cartridge for your payment processor.
  4. Save the ISML file in cartridge/template/default/order.
  5. Customize the ISML file per your requirement.
  6. In your local files, navigate to your ecommerce instance and copy your cartridge in appserverinstance/shareddata/cartridges/version.