Component Attribute Types and Resolved Value Objects

The content attributes available from the context object, also known as the content dictionary, are defined in a map with the attribute IDs as the keys and the resolved values as values. A resolved value is a value that has been converted to B2C Commerce API objects when necessary. For example, for an attribute of type product, the value of the attribute (the product SKU) is converted to a dw.catalog.Product object instance. For some attributes, conversion isn't necessary. For example, strings can be stored as is. The following table lists the content attribute types and their corresponding B2C Commerce API objects.

Table 1. Content Attribute Types and Resolved Value Objects
Content Attribute Type B2C Commerce API Value
category dw.catalog.Category
custom dw.util.Map
file dw.content.MediaFile
image dw.experience.image.Image
page dw.experience.Page
product dw.catalog.Product