Reset a Business Manager Password for Administrators

Users forget their credentials, they attempt to log in too many times, and passwords expire. As an administrator, you can configure security settings that determine how password protection behaves. The most efficient way to reset passwords is to enable users to do it themselves. A user can retrieve their own Business Manager login ID or password as long as their account has a valid email address and a security question.

The password reset token expiration period for Business Manager users is 120 minutes.

Note: The password reset token expiration period for storefront users is 30 minutes.

If an account is locked due to too many failed login attempts, the user is sent an automated email containing a token, which is valid for 2 hours. When clicked, the token is validated, the account is unlocked, and the user's current password is preserved. The user isn't logged in, but is directed to the login page, which shows the result of the unlocking as a message.

If the token becomes invalid because the 2 hours have passed, the user must contact you, their administrator, to unlock the account, depending on the Lockout Effective Period setting. For example, if the Lockout Effective Period setting is 30 minutes, the user would receive the email, but in 30 minutes, they would be unlocked anyway.

If a user has a valid email address, Business Manager automatically sends an email to them in 7 days and then 1 day before their password expires.

The following instructions are for local users who have not yet migrated to unified authentication via Account Manager. To reset a password for migrated users, reset their account in Account Manager.

  1. Ask the user for their username, realm, and instance information. You should also ask for a valid email address.
  2. Login to Business Manager as an administrator.
  3. Select Organization > Users, search for the user.
  4. Click the username link in the search results.
  5. To unlock an account immediately, preserving the current password, on the User page, General tab, click Unlock.
  6. To generate a new password:
    You as the administrator (a user with administrator privileges) can only generate a password and send it to the user. You can't view the user's security credentials. To generate and send a user's password, you must first log in as the administrator.
    1. On the User page, General tab, click Change Password and Security Settings.
    2. On the User - new Password page, enter your password and click Generate.
      The new password is sent to the user's email address. A message appears indicating that the email was sent.