Linking Products

Use the Links tab in the Product Editor to create links between products. You can link from or to products. For example, you might want to show the spare parts for a product on the product detail page and show "fits for..." at the spare parts detail page without having to maintain two relationships. For example, create two products Vacuum_cleanerX and NozzleX. Under Vacuum_cleanerX, list NozzleX as a product link so you can link them on the product detail page. Then list Vacuum_cleanerX as a product link for NozzleX, so that you can show all the nozzles on one "fits for..." page on the storefront showing links to each respective vacuum_cleaner.

Business Manager includes a product recommendations feature that lets you link a product to another product or a category to a product. We encourage you to use this feature instead of product links. See Recommendations.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Products > product.
  2. Lock the product.
  3. On the Product page Links tab, in the Linked From section, select a link type to view from the Link type drop down beneath the Filter product link list header.
  4. Select the Link type.
    Option Description
    Replacement Offer similar/substitute products to buyers
    Cross-Selling Offer related products to incite buyers to purchase more than originally intended.
    Up-Selling Offer alternative, higher-value products to incite buyers to purchase higher-priced products.
    Accessory Offer complementary products to incite buyers to purchase more than originally intended, for example, offer a matching handbag with a pair of shoes.
    Follow-up Refer to follow-up versions of the product.
    Different Order Unit Refer to follow-up versions of the product with a different order unit.
    Spare Parts Offer available spare parts for a product.
    Other Provide a different type of link.
  5. Select or enter the products to which you want to link.
    1. Enter one or more product IDs (separated by semi-colons) and click Create Link.
      You must select the link type first. You can't change the link type once you have created the link.
    2. Click Search to Create>>, select as many products as required, and click Create Link.
  6. Click Remove to remove a selected link.
  7. Click the Hide or Show links to hide or show the contents of each section, making the information more readable if you have many links.
  8. Click Link Type to view help on the link types.
  9. In the Linked To section, you can view the products that are linked to the product with which you are working. You can only change the nature of the links from within each product you are linked to.
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