Creating a Promotion

All promotions (product, shipping and order) are created the same way, even though they have different options when you're defining promotion rules. Follow these basic instructions to create a promotion.

You can create each individual promotion, or if you are creating a series of similarly complex promotions, you can copy an existing promotion and modify it.

For multiple promotions that are applicable at the same time, use compatibility and ranking (configure in a campaign or A/B test) settings that prevent double-dipping or undesired results.

You must assign a promotion to a campaign or A/B test within the Campaign or A/B Test module as an experience. When a promotion is assigned to a campaign, the campaign ID appears at the bottom of the promotion page. The ID is clickable, enabling you to navigate to the campaign.

  1. Make sure you have configured promotion preferences.
  2. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Promotions.
    You can right-click links on this grid to perform standard actions such as opening the selection in a new tab or window.
    A red exclamation mark icon appears beside a promotion that references a missing catalog or category. If you run this promotion, it won't work the way you expect. Also, on the Add Include/Add Exclude window for such a promotion, (missing) appears in the value field for the missing catalog or category.
    • Search by name or ID.
    • To filter by enabled/disabled, click the filter icon , select Enabled, and then Yes or No.
    • To filter by coupon type, click the filter icon , select Code Type, and then Single Code, Multiple Codes, or System-Generated Codes.
    • Click More to configure product or product option exclusions, and to import/export promotions.
    • Click the ID, Name, Promotion Class, Currency, Exclusivity, or Enabled header to sort by that field. Tags can't be sorted, but they can be filtered.
    • Select the Name header in the promotions grid to select all visible promotions, or select individual promotions; then click Delete to delete the selected promotions or More to enable/disable products or enable/disable globally excluded products.
    • Use the navigation settings to control the number of promotions shown per page (10, 25, 50, or 100) and to navigate.
    • Create and use tags to manage your promotions.
    • Archive Promotions that are no longer useful, but that you want to retain for future examples.
  3. Do one of the following:
    1. Create a new promotion. Go to the next step.
    2. Edit an existing promotion.
  4. Click New to configure a new promotion.
  5. On the New Promotion page, define or edit promotion details, as follows (language, ID, name, enabled status, searchable, callout message, promotion details, image, and exclusivity) and click Apply.

    The Searchable field enables you to search, via Commerce Cloud APIs, for all qualifying/discounted products that are associated with a one or more product promotion and show them in one place on the storefront, giving customers more information and choices to help make better buying decisions.

  6. In the Promotion Rule section, specify the promotion class and enter the required information.
  7. Click Apply again beneath the Promotion class section to apply your changes.
  8. Click << Back to List to return to the Promotion List page.
    Enabled promotions are inactive if their containing campaign is disabled (but their enabled flag won't change). Promotions can be individually disabled inside an enabled campaign.