Promotion Best Practices

Testing Promotions

You must plan and test your promotions. Start by planning your promotions:

  1. Define seasonal campaigns.
    • Decide on a schedule (start and end dates and times).
    • Create an overall theme.
    • Develop a list of required creative assets.
  2. Finalize which promotions are offered.
    • What types of promotions will you offer? (order, product, shipping)
    • Which products or categories are included in your promotions?
    • Who is your audience? (customer groups)
    • Who are your marketing sources? (affiliates, email)
    • When will each promotion be offered? (schedules)
    • Where on the site will you show promotion messaging? (homepage, category pages, checkout)
  3. Complete a merchandising promotions calendar.
    • Define a playbook for the season's campaigns and promotions.
    • Include all promotion details.

Develop and use simple test plans that take into account all variations of your promotions. Ensure that:

You should test your promotions in the Staging environment using the Storefront Toolkit. The toolkit lets you specify the dates. Make sure that you validate that the promotion is working correctly in Production after data replication occurs.

Messaging in the Storefront

To minimize customer queries, show a message in the storefront that identifies promotion restrictions, limitations, exclusions or conditions. Examples include:

While supplies last

One discount per order

Following brands not eligible for this promotion

In stock items only

Only on products over $500


The developer must provide the marketing/merchandising team with a clear understanding of how promotions have been implemented within their storefront.

Implement and Document the Promotion Workflow

Develop a workflow for the build, review and release of online promotions:

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