Text Relevance Explanation Window


  1. Click the icon in the upper left corner of the storefront.
  2. Select Search Information.
  3. Hover over the icon over any search result to see the Search Results Window.
  4. Click the text relevance .


This window is used to examine the text relevance scoring for a search result. It can be used to determine how specific terms found in specific attributes have contributed to the text relevance score. In the following example, you can see that most of the score for the term hiker came from hits in the content-text field, not the ShortDescription field (.15 vs .03). The content-text field includes all of the indexed information for all fields, except those that have a boosting factor applied.

Total Score

The sum of all term matches scores. This is the value of the text relevance score before it's normalized. The normalized score appears in the Search Results Window.

Term Match Scores

The product of all field matches.

Field Matches

The product of the queryWeight and the fieldWeight. All unboosted fields are processed together and shown as the content-text field. Boosted fields are shown with their name.

Query Weight

The query weight is the product of the idf (Inverse Document Frequency) and the queryNorm ( query normalizing factor ). The idf(t) value is the inverse of docFreq (the number of documents in which the term t appears). This means rarer terms give higher contribution to the total score. The queryNorm doesn't affect document ranking (because all ranked documents are multiplied by the same factor), but makes scores from different queries (or even different indexes) comparable.

Field Weight

The field weight is the product of the tf (Term Frequency), the idf (Inverse Document Frequency), and the fieldNorm (field normalizing factor). The tf(t) is the term's frequency, defined as the number of times term t appears in the currently scored document d. Documents that have more occurrences of a given term receive a higher score. The idf(t) value is the inverse of docFreq (the number of documents in which the term t appears). The fieldNorm doesn't affect field scores, because all scores are multiplied by the same factor, but does make scores from different fields comparable.

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