Development Best Practices

Instance Naming

An instance is a server connection path. Give your instance a unique name such as firstInitial_lastName to avoid multiple developers changing the same instance, which can result in code overwrite or code loss. A unique name also identifies which developer is working on an instance.

Modifying Code Outside of Studio

If you modify code outside of Studio, you must refresh within Studio to update the changes. For example, changing a WSDL file.

.zip Files in Code Repository

If you use .zip files to transfer code, we recommend that you unzip the files into the code repository. Otherwise, change tracking only affects the entire .zip file and not the individual files within it.

In our standard processes, cartridges are not saved in .zip files. However, some implementation partners can have implemented a process where they zip versioned cartridges for storage.

It's possible to export a site into a .zip file (Site Export functionality). That .zip file contains site configuration data and other data objects. Track the contents in the versioning system.