Getting Started for Developers

Most developers choose to take the Salesforce B2C Commerce developer training, which covers the information in this document. Additional training webinars are available on B2C Commerce XChange.

We provide two reference applications that serve as a good source of code examples for the full B2C Commerce feature set: Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) and SiteGenesis JavaScript Controllers (SGJC).

We recommend using SFRA for any new site implementations.

Creating a cartridge for a reference application involves the following high-level steps.

  1. Get a sandbox from Commerce Cloud Support if you are a customer or partner developer. If you are a link partner developer, get a sandbox from your link partner program manager.
  2. Install or Update UX Studio.
  3. Create a workspace.
  4. Connect to your server.
  5. Create a storefront project.
  6. Register your cartridges.
  7. Import reference application data into your Sandbox.
  8. Disable page caching.
  9. Generate search indexes.
  10. View the storefront.

In addition to the steps listed above, there are steps specific to each reference application. See Getting Started with SFRA and Getting Started with SGJC for more information.