POD Sandbox Instance Naming Convention

If you are using B2C Commerce on-demand sandboxes, see B2C Commerce On-Demand Sandboxes for information about accessing and using your sandboxes. POD sandboxes use the following naming convention:

<instance name>-<realm>-<customer name>.demandware.net


Element Description
<instance name>

Follows the naming convention of type + number, where there is more than one instance of a type.

Sandboxes: dev01
Note: Other instances types use staging, development, and production instead of dev01.

One or more assigned to each customer (merchant).

A customer can use multiple realms if implementing multiple eCommerce initiatives. However, a customer is usually assigned one realm, 'web'.

<customer name> Customer-specific name.
demandware.net Standard and required.
Note: If you have any questions about the instance naming convention, contact B2C Commerce support for assistance.

For example: