Ensure Product UPCs Are Searchable in Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle

When you scan a UPC barcode in Endless Aisle, the app is simply performing a search for this UPC number. Proper setup of product IDs in Salesforce B2C Commerce is required for this feature to work properly.

If your product UPCs are already loaded into Commerce Cloud as product IDs, there is nothing else you have to do. Your UPCs are searchable via the product-search pipeline, and the laser scanner will work.

To test it, type in a UPC in the search box on your website. If it returns the product detail page, then it's all set.

If your web products have different product identifiers than store products, most likely your products’ UPCs are not loaded into Commerce Cloud into a field that is searchable. A small amount of integration work is required.

  1. Identify a field on the product record where you would like to store the UPC. There is a UPC field in Commerce Cloud that can be available for your use, or you can add any custom attribute to store this data.
  2. Mark the field as searchable in the system or custom object definition.
  3. Load your UPC into the Commerce Cloud catalog.
  4. Run a search index.
  5. Test by entering a UPC into the search box on your website. It should return the PDP of the product searched.

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