Payment details

Order Management maintains detailed records of each payment that enters the system. The Payment details page contains all the relevant information regarding the payment associated with customer orders. You can associate or detach a customer or a payment, view or clear alerts, view transactions and invoices, and apply a full or partial payments.

To view or update the payment details page:

  1. From Order Management Administration: click Accounting > Payment Manager.
  2. From the Payment Manager dashboard page, search or locate the payments.
  3. From the Payment search results page, click the ID link for the payment record. The Payment details page opens.

From this page, you can view and manage the payment information. Unavailable fields can't be changed.

The following table describes the components.
Fields and Buttons Description
Email button Sends an email regarding the password to the customer's email address.
Void button Unapplies this payment from all invoices and then voids this payment.
Delete button Deletes the payment.
Close button Closes out the payment.
Advance Workflow icon ( ) Suspends or unsuspends the payment record.
Suspend/Unsuspend icon ( or ) Suspends or unsuspends the payment record.
Lock/Unlock icon ( or ) Locks (prevents editing) or unlocks the payment record.
Flag icon () A flag color for the order that might need further review at a future time. Select to show a color or “CHK” from the list.
Currency The currency used for the payment.
System Alerts (if any) Display system-generated alerts that require intervention and action in order to progress the record.
Clear Alerts button Clears all alerts.
Customer Payment section Shows the customer payment fields where you can add payment information such as full or partial payment amount, transaction type, payment method, payment processor. Fields that can't be edited here are unavailable. For example, the Process Payment button is disabled if the total authorized amount was already reached.

Additional partial capture payments can be applied to consume the total authorized amount if multi-capture is supported by the payment processor. Note that additional partial capture payments can be applied even when workflow status for the payment is pending.

Note: Order Management can accept payment data when the credit card expiration year has only two digits. In this case, it assumes a prepended "20". For example, if the expiration date is 03/17, it is treated as 03/2017.
Note: If the payment was made through Apple Pay or Android Pay, then "Via Apple-Pay" or "Via Android-Pay" is appended to the masked card number in the Card # field.
  Close Window button Closes the Payment detail page and returns to the Payment search results.
Detach button If a customer is attached to the payment, click Detach to detach the customer from this payment record.
Search By Drop-down drop-down If the payment isn't attached to a customer, use the Search By field and drop-down to locate the customer. When found, click Select to attach the payment to the customer. Or click View to open the Customer details page.
Locate ( ) button If a customer is attached to the payment, click Detach to detach the customer from this payment record.
Process Payment button Processes the payment and updates the Transactions section of the page to reflect the capture.
Note: The Process Payment button is disabled or enabled based on the status of the transactions. For example, when asynchronous mode is used and a payment is in a pending state:
  • If a payment can't use multi-capture, the Process Payment button is disabled.
  • If a payment can use multi-capture, is authorized for $100, and has captured (pending) $25, then additional captures up to the total authorized amount of $100 are allowed and the Payment Process button is enabled.
Apply Payment button Applies a payment and updates the Transactions section of the page to reflect the applied payment.
Extended Attributes section - Attribute drop-down, Add button, Add All button Lists the attributes that have been applied to the payment and the values set for each. An attribute can be added by selecting it from the drop-down list and clicking Add. All available attributes can be added by clicking Add All. The drop-down list is populated with the attributes attached to payments in the Attribute Manager. Clicking the attribute name link opens a form to edit the attribute's value.
  Edit All button Opens a form to edit the values for all attributes on the payment object.
Show Hidden Attributes checkbox If checked, shows any hidden attributes (shaded in grey background).
Trash can icon () Deletes the attribute from the Extended Attributes section.
Attached Records section Displays records, such as shipping orders, sales orders, that are attached to this customer. The order type, order ID link (opens the Order details page), date, description, attached amount, total and workflow status appear.
  Customer Order drop-down A drop-down list to select a customer order to either view or attach to the payment record.
Attach button Enter a Customer Order # in the field and click Attach to attach this order to the payment record.
Detach button Click this button next to the record you want to detach from this Payment record.
Transactions section Displays all invoices, credit memos, and payment transactions associated with the payment. Click an ID to view the full details of any of them.
Note: When asynchronous mode is used and a transaction response is delayed, Order Management records the transaction using these payment transaction types: InfoRequest, SaleRequest, AuthOnlyRequest, CaptureRequest, RefundRequest, VoidRequest, AVSOnly Request, ForceRequest, ReauthRequest.
  Invoices tab Shows a list of invoices associated with the customer payments.
Credit Memos tab Shows a list of credit memos when a refund is issued against a specific invoice.
Transactions tab Show a list of payment transactions associated with the customer orders.
Details section Contains tabs with the following payment-related information, which provides useful payment information.
  Activity tab Shows the activities associated payments. To add an activity to the payment to record this action, click Add to open the Activity detail page. Enter the information and click Update.
Emails tab Displays any emails on the payments. To send an email regarding this action, click the New button to open the Email page. Enter the information including the destination address and subject, and click Send.
System Events tab Displays system events regarding the payments.
Note: When asynchronous mode is used, the transaction type and workflow status for each payment transaction is listed.
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