Returns and Return Orders

If an item has not yet been shipped, then it can be canceled (and removed) from the order. If it has been shipped, you create a return. You can use Customer Service Center to handle returning product items purchased at a retail store or through the merchant's Salesforce B2C Commerce site. To remove an item from an existing order, locate the order record via the order search. If an item is eligible for cancellation, a Cancel or Return option is listed in the Item section of the Order details page.

When returning an item, the customer can request a cash refund, exchange for another item (identical or different), or a store credit. Some merchants charge a restocking fee for returned merchandise.

Item returns can involve these scenarios:

When the return is created and the credit is applied, a return order is created. Then once the returned item is received at the fulfillment site, an exchange can be made for the returned item.

Return Reasons

When you create a return, you assign it a reason from a dropdown list. The contents of the list are stored in a default choice value attribute that you can customize. Default values include the following.
  • Unknown
  • Customer Cancel
  • Warehouse Cancel
  • Fraud Prevention Cancel
  • Admin Cancel
To customize the list, open the Attribute Manager.
  1. Expand the Customer Service attribute group.
  2. Select Credit/Deduct Reason Code.
  3. Add your custom reason codes as described in Manage Custom Attributes. Each entry must include a unique Code value. You can delete unneeded entries.

Return Workflow

The following illustrates the workflow when managing returns. Actions include creating or finding a return, finding a return order, and receiving a return and exchanging items. User Interface pages including panels, search result listings, and windows are enclosed in boxes. Buttons or links appear without boxes.

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