Auction Tasks

The following tasks are performed on the Item Auction Details dialog. See Searching for Auctions for information on finding and opening an auction’s details.

Preview Template

Click this button to view a preview of the auction listing as it will appear on the auction site, including the html used to generate it. This is based on the Auction Layout template configured in the Order Management Template Manager. It won't reflect any custom eBay storefront layout.

Send to Auction

Click this button to send the auction to the auction site. This button is only available if the auction is ready to be sent.

Clear Relists

Click this button to disassociate existing auctions with future auctions for the Item. Note that clearing relists might reduce the site ranking of auctions for this Item.

Scan Transactions

Click this button to force a check for open orders on the auction listing. Any open orders are imported immediately. Normally, open orders are imported when the automated order import process runs.

Refresh Auction

Click this button to refresh the auction listing on the auction site. The listing will immediately reflect any changes that have been made to the auction.

Refresh Essentials

Click this button to refresh only changes in Attributes on the auction listing on the auction site.

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