Searching for Auctions

You can search for an auction by selecting a list of auctions in a particular state from the Auction Summary section on the Auction Manager home page, or by using the search form at the top of the Auction Manager page. Each method is described here.

Note the following regarding the search results for all search types in the Administration module:

You can cancel selected auctions or send them to the auction site using the corresponding tools at the bottom of the page.

To cancel the selected auctions, simply click Cancel.

To send the auctions to the auction site, select As Scheduled or New Schedule from the drop-down list. If you select New Schedule, then Start and Interval fields appear. Set them as desired. After selecting the schedule, click Send. The default selection is As Scheduled.

The following methods are available for finding auctions:

Browsing for Auctions in the Auction Summary Section

To browse for an auction in the Auction Summary section:

  1. In the Main, Marketing, or Sales accordion menu, select Auction Manager.
  2. Click the view link for one of the following states in the Auction Summary to return a list of auctions in that state:
    • Prepared
    • Waiting for Export
    • Live

Searching for Auctions Using the Search Form

To search for an auction using the Search form at the top of the Auction Manager page:

  1. In the Main, Marketing, or Sales accordion menu, select Auction Manager.
  2. Along the top of the page are the search criteria fields, which filter the search results. Using more than one search criteria refines the search results.
    Note: Search drop-down lists are user-customizable and are based on the structure and needs of each company.
  3. Select the search criteria from one or more drop-down lists. Available search criteria include:
    • Catalog: A list to search for auctions based on the catalog.
    • Site: A list to search based on the site where inventory is located.
    • * Auction No.: A list to search based on specific criterion types. When the criterion type is selected, enter search terms based on selected criterion type. Wildcard searches can be made using the percent (%) symbol, which represents zero or more characters.
      Note: Some criteria types are preceded with an asterisk (*). For example, *Auction No. These are single criteria searches and can't be further refined by additional search criteria.
    • The following options are available:
      • Auction #
      • Item #
      • Item Title
      • Launch Date
      • End Date
    • Quick Search: A drop-down list to search based on an auction’s general state or workflow state. The following options are available:
      • Pre Launch
      • Waiting for Export
      • On Auction
      • Recently Ended
      • Closed Auctions
      • Unsold Auctions
      • Errored (Specific errors can be found in the System Events tab of the Auction Details dialog.)
    • End Date: A drop-down list to search by date or date range. For example, search for Today, This Week, This Month, or This Year.
  4. Click Search.
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