Adding a Payment to an Existing Sales Order in the Administration Module

You might need to collect an additional payment for an existing sales order that has not been paid in full.

Note: Additional partial capture payments can be applied to consume the total authorized amount if the payment processor used for the order supports multi-capture payments. This applies even when the workflow status for the payment is pending. Order Management records a transaction as a pending status when the payment processor delays return of the response and payment information.

To collect a new payment for an existing sales order, open the order details page for that order and follow these steps:

  1. In the Details section at the bottom of the page, select the Payments tab.
  2. Click Add to open the Payment page.
  3. You can check the associated customer by clicking the customer name. This opens a new window with the customer details.
  4. The following amounts appear in the upper right of the window. They reflect the current amounts associated with the order in session.
    • Authorized
    • Captured
    • Unapplied
  5. If the customer has any saved payment methods, you can select one from the Saved Methods drop-down list. Alternatively, you can enter a new payment method using the appropriate fields. Note that when you select a method from the Saved Methods drop-down, the Processor drop-down automatically selects the assigned payment processor for the selected method, if one has been defined.
  6. Enter a note in the Memo field, if desired.
  7. Enter the customer’s phone number in the Phone field, if desired.
  8. Enter a payment amount in the Amount field.
  9. Select Authorize Only or Authorize & Capture from the Transaction drop-down.
  10. The Reference # field is pre-populated with the order number. Change the value, if desired.
  11. Click Process Payment to process the payment.
    Note: The Process Payment button is disabled or enabled based on the status of the transactions.
  12. The Payment page remains open on the authorized payment, with the payer identification fields locked. By selecting Authorize Only, then the Transaction drop-down is visible, offering Capture as the only option. If you actually captured the payment, then the Transaction drop-down isn't visible.
  13. When the payment is captured, it's attached to the in-session order. Then apply it to an invoice associated with the order. See Applying a Payment to an Invoice.
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