Fulfilling Shipping Orders in the Shipping Portal in the Administration Module

To fulfill a Shipping Order, follow these steps:

  1. In the Fulfillment accordion menu, select Shipping Portal.
  2. A list of Shipping Orders that are ready to be fulfilled appears. If no Shipping Orders appear, then there are no Shipping Orders ready to be fulfilled. To investigate the status of Shipping Orders, open the Shipping Manager in the Fulfillment accordion menu.
  3. If you know the number of the Shipping Order you want to fulfill, and the list of Orders is very long, you can select it by entering the number in the Quick Search by Shipping Order # field and clicking Locate. This opens the Order Details dialog.
  4. Select the Shipping Order(s) that you want to fulfill using the check boxes in the list of Orders. By checking each box, that Order is added to a list of selected Orders below the list of all ready Shipping Orders.
  5. To print pack sheets for the selected Orders, select Pack Sheet from the drop-down list in the upper right of the page and click Print. This opens a popup containing a PDF view of pack sheets for the selected Orders. Use the operating system tools to print the contents of the popup. Note that this must be done from the list of Orders; it can't be done from the Order details dialog.
  6. The list of selected Shipping Orders includes fields for Date, Cost, Method, and Tracking # for each Order. The current Date and selected Shipping Method for each Order is pre-populated in those fields. Edit them and add shipping costs and tracking numbers if desired.
  7. To fulfill the selected Orders, click Create Shipments in the upper right of the page.
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