Issuing a Refund on a Payment in the Administration Module

You might need to issue a refund to a destination other than the original payment method, which can't be done in Customer Service Center.

To issue a refund on a payment that has previously been captured, follow these steps:

  1. In the Accounting accordion menu, open the Payment Manager.
  2. Use the search form at the top of the page to find the payment on which to issue a refund. Generally, this would be a Closed or Unattached payment. Select those states from the Quick Search drop-down list to narrow the search.
  3. Click the payment ID of the payment to refund.
  4. Enter an amount in the Refund Amount field and click Refund. The amount is refunded back to the original payment method.
  5. To add an Activity to the payment to record this action, select the Activity tab in the Details section of the page and click Add to open the Activity dialog. Enter the desired information and click Update.
  6. To send an email regarding this action, select the Emails tab in the Details section of the page and click New to open the Compose Email dialog. Enter the desired information, including the destination address and subject, and click Send.
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