Authorizing and/ or Capturing an Existing Payment that Is Waiting Authorization in the Administration Module

There might be payments in the system that failed to be authorized. You can attempt to authorize them by following these steps.

  1. In the Accounting accordion menu, open the Payment Manager.
  2. The Payment Summary section of the Payment Manager shows a list of payments in states that require attention. Click view next to the Waiting Authorization line to open a list of payments that are waiting authorization.
  3. Click the payment ID of the orphaned payment that you want to authorize. If it isn't in the list, then search for it using the search form at the top of the page.
  4. Check the Customer. If the payment isn't attached to a customer, use the Search By field and drop-down to locate the Customer. Each search result has a Select link and a View link; click View to open the Customer details page for that Customer, or click Select to attach the payment to that Customer. The name of the card holder that made the payment appears in the Card Holder field; that might help to identify the appropriate Customer.
  5. Enter a value in the Amount field.
  6. Select Authorize Only or Authorize & Capture from the Transaction drop-down.
  7. Click Process Payment. The Transactions section of the page is updated to reflect the authorization and/ or capture.
  8. To add an Activity to the payment to record this action, select the Activity tab in the Details section of the page and click Add to open the Activity dialog. Enter the desired information and click Update.
  9. To send an email regarding this action, select the Emails tab in the Details section of the page and click New to open the Compose email dialog. Enter the desired information, including the destination address and subject, and click Send.
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