Creating New User Accounts in the Administration Module

You can create user accounts and assign one or more roles to each account using the Security Manager in the Administration module. Required fields are noted with an asterisk (*).

Note: If you use Account Manager to manage Order Management user accounts, then you only create service user accounts in Order Management. Create normal user and administrator accounts in Account Manager.
  1. In Order Management Administration: Security > Users.
  2. On the Security Manager page, select New User to create a user account.
  3. On the Edit User page in the User Details section, do the following:
    1. Select User or Service from the User Type* list. A Service user is used to run automated jobs.
    2. Enter the First Name* and Last Name*.
    3. Enter a Username*.
    4. To delay sending the new user's password reset email notification once the user account is created, select the Suppress Change Password Email checkbox.
    5. To send the password reset email notification to the user once the user account is created, select Send Password Reset Email.
      Note: A default password can't be entered in the Password field. A password is automatically generated once the user account is created. When the password is generated, an email is sent to the user to change this password.
    6. Enter a Phone number. This field is optional.
    7. Enter an Email address*.
    8. Enter notes in the Notes field, if desired. (Optional)
    9. Assign the user account to a site by selecting one from the Site list. The default value is Any. Assigning a Fulfillment Center or Retail Center user to a site restricts that user to that site. They cannot access the site selection feature in Fulfillment Center or Retail Center.
    10. Select the locale from the Locale list. This locale is the default locale when the user logs in to Order Management.
    11. Select the time zone from the Time Zone list.
      Note: If the user role doesn't specify a locale, the default is English. If the user role specifies a locale other than English, French, or German, then English is the locale. See Localization.
    12. Check the User must change password at next login box if you want to require the user to change the password upon first logging in.
    13. If you want to lock the account, check the Account is locked out checkbox. Locking the account is useful when you want to perform other checks or tasks before allowing the user to log in.
    14. To make the user active when the account is created, check the Active checkbox.
  4. In the Assign Roles To User list, select the checkboxes for the roles you want to assign to this user.
    Note: To access the Reporting database, individual user accounts must be assigned to the Report Author Role. When you assign an account to this role, a Report Author username is automatically generated for access to the Reporting database.
  5. Click Update. If all information was accepted, the message “User updated successfully” appears.
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