Configure the B2C Commerce Processor

To enable LINK technology partners to handle and implement payment integrations using LINK cartridges, you configure settings in B2C Commerce and Order Management.
Note: If you are an existing customer and want to enable LINK payment, contact your Salesforce Support team to run SQL scripts. For new customers, the LINK payment processor is enabled by default.
  1. Configure the payment cartridge in B2C Commerce.
    You can either use the existing cartridge for the LINK payment provider or implement a new cartridge. This cartridge authorizes a payment when an order is placed on the B2C Commerce storefront. Upload your cartridge on the B2 Commerce instance. You can use the sample code to implement your own cartridge or update an existing cartridge. See Sample Transaction API Contracts and Sample API Helper Contracts.

    Cartridges must be re-certified by Commerce Cloud - Center of Excellence. Certified cartridges are posted on the LINK Marketplace.

    1. Select Administration > Sites > Manage Sites > Site > Setting. For cartridges, enter the cartridge name, and click Apply.
    2. Select Merchant Tools > Ordering > Payment Processors, and add the new payment processor name XXX as the processor named in your cartridge. This is the registered Processor ID of the payment cartridge.
    3. Select Merchant Tools > Ordering > Payment Methods, and map the desired payment method(s) that you will use with the new payment processor. For example, Credit_Card.
  2. Enable the B2C Commerce processor in Order Management.
    Note: Ensure the following pre-steps are completed.
    • Set up Order Integration between Order Management and B2C Commerce instances.
    • Run the SQL scripts. Contact your Salesforce Support team.
    1. Select Settings > Providers > Demandware > Company Level, and enter the Digital Tenant DNS. See Demandware Provider Configuration.
    2. Select Settings > Preferences > External Processors > Payment, and select the Digital processor from the Processor dropdown menu. See External Processors.
      • In Processor Settings for the B2C Commerce Processor, configure these fields:
        • For DigitalProcessorInstance, enter the payment processor ID. This is the registered Processor ID of the payment cartridge that you used for the payment cartridge.
        • For AuthExpirationDays, enter the number of days before the authorization expires. When configuring this field in the Digital processor settings only a positive two-digit number greater than 0 is allowed. Any other input characters will be automatically removed.
        • (Optional) Map the payment methods supported by the payment processor. Select all that apply.
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