Reset a Forgotten Password

You can reset your password if you forgot it. However, this procedure works only if you successfully activated your account. You can define a new password even if your existing password has expired. After a password has expired, you can attempt to log in six times to set a new password before your account is temporarily locked. After successfully logging in with an expired password, immediately reset your password.

This procedure works only when your Account Manager account is not linked to a Salesforce Identity account. To reset your password:
  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. Enter your username (email address).
  3. Click LOG IN.
  4. Click the Forgot Your Password? link.

    The Forgot Your Password? page opens.

  5. In the Email Address field, enter your email address.
  6. In the Verification field, enter the characters shown in the captcha.
  7. Click Submit.

    A message is sent to your email address. The message contains an activation code you can use to reset your password. The Forgot Your Password? Page also shows a Code field, in which you can enter the activation code.

  8. Access your email account, open the email message, and copy the activation code.
  9. In the Code field, paste the activation code you copied from the email.
  10. Click Submit Code.

    The Forgot Your Password? page shows challenge questions for you to answer.

  11. In the New Password field, enter your new password.
    Minimum password requirements include:
    • Character length 7. Some organization require more
    • 1 alpha character
    • 1 upper case character
    • 1 digit character
    • 1 special character

    As you enter characters, the page gives you feedback about the security strength of your password.

  12. In the Confirm Password field, reenter your new password.
  13. Click Change Password.

    A second message is sent to your email address, indicating that your password has changed. The purpose of this message is either to confirm that your activation was successful or to warn you that someone else tried to change the password. If someone else tried to change password, contact your account administrator or help desk.

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