Add Hostnames (Subdomains)

Subdomains of the same zone can be configured on the same Salesforce B2C Commerce instance, or on different instances of different realms of the same retailer.

For example, you can configure on the Production instance, on the Development instance, and on the Production instance of the EU realm.

To prevent damage to the production experience, users on a non-Production instance can't modify subdomains configured on other instances. In addition, users can’t modify certificates on a zone with at least one Production instance as origin. However, they can add hostnames to existing zones with Production instance origins. Users on Production instances can modify all CDN settings, even if another Production instance of the same retailer is impacted.

  1. Select Administration > Sites > Embedded CDN Settings > Add Hostnames.
    The Additional Hostnames slider opens from the right side of the page. This slider shows the names of zones and hostnames (subdomains) that you can add to the Embedded CDN Settings page. If the list is long, you can search for specific zones and hostnames using the search field.
  2. Select a hostname in the list and click Add Hostname.
    Business Manager adds the hostname to the Embedded CDN Settings page, as a child of its zone.
  3. You can test inbound communication through the embedded CDN by resolving your custom hostname to the IP address of the embedded CDN locally (modify/etc/hosts).
    The CDN domain name resolves to different IP addresses over time. Using a fixed IP address is acceptable for testing purposes only.
  4. In your DNS server configuration, point the DNS record of your hostname to the embedded CDN.
    Create a CNAME record. The value of the record is shown in Business Manager.
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