Clear eCDN Cache

B2C Commerce stores static storefront content in eCDN cache or the web tier static content cache.

All content cached by eCDN is served using a unique URL. Cache purging a CDN on top of URLs from B2C Commerce is not necessary, because the system updates the URL when uploading new content. Aside from replicating environments to clear the cache of any static content, no action is required.

When working with eCDN cache, keep the following in mind:

To clear eCDN cache:

  1. Upload the updated asset to your storefront POD.
    When an asset is updated on the POD, the system generates a new fingerprint value for that asset. Changing the fingerprint also changes the URL of the updated asset. When your storefront requests the updated static asset, the URL request returns a miss in eCDN and web tier cache. This response occurs because the fingerprint is different, and the CDN does not recognize the new and old asset as the same. The missed request with the new fingerprint is then directed to the POD, the asset is then retrieved and cached with the new URL.
    Note: All content assets in cache are refreshed, excluding the old content updated in this process. The update content is assigned a new fingerprint that results in a new URL for the asset.
  2. Refresh your site in the browser and confirm that the updated asset appears as expected.

If the updated asset does not appear in your browser after updating content, you can manually invalidate the Application Tier cache. Though it is rare, the asset not appearing means that something went wrong with the cache clearing process.

  1. In Administration > Sites > Manage Sites > Global Static Cache determine level, page, or storefront, for which you want to clear the cache, and click Invalidate cache.

    The system rebuilds cache from the POD assets, and assigns new fingerprints to the updated assets.

  2. Refresh the site in your browser, and confirm that the updated asset appears as expected.
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