Previewing Content

To preview content on the storefront, use the Storefront Toolkit. This tool opens at the top left corner of your storefront on sandbox, Development, and Staging instances.

The Storefront Toolkit enables you to preview content within a content slot. However, Salesforce B2C Commerce determines which content to appear by checking the active slot configuration for the content slot. Multiple slot configurations can apply to a single content slot, and each slot configuration can specify different content, so you might want to change which configuration is active before previewing the content.

You can control which slot configuration is active by using the Storefront Toolkit's Site Preview Controls window. This window enables you to change the effective date/time for the storefront session. This is important because slot configurations are scheduled, and a slot configuration is ignored unless the date and time of the storefront's session falls within the slot configuration's schedule.


For each content slot, you can optionally set a default slot configuration, which is used no other slot configurations are scheduled.

In the Site Preview Controls window, you can also change or remove the active source code by editing the value in Source code field. This value determines the active source code for the storefront session. After you set these values, the page title is rewritten with the overridden date and time.

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