Troubleshooting the Slot Configuration Displayed for a Slot

This topic describes what determines the content slot configuration that appears for a content slot and best practice information.

Default Slot Configuration

The best practice is to always have a default slot configuration. This is the most effective way to make sure that the promotional space on your site is always available.

Single Slot Configuration

The following table appears when a single configuration is shown or hidden.

Default? Schedule Displayed?
No No


When a configuration isn't the default, and has no schedule, it doesn't show.

Yes No


When a configuration is the default and has no schedule, it shows.

Multiple Slot Configurations

Factors such as default, schedule, rank, and customer groups all impact which slots show. For example, if a slot has the customer group Everyone, it always has lower precedence than slots with other customer groups.

The following table shows some interactions between two or more configurations, which slot is shown or hidden. The table uses the concept of slot configurations X and Y to illustrate this.

X Default? Y Default? X Schedule Y Schedule Rank Displayed?
No No No No No

Neither configuration appears.

When configurations have no schedule, and no default, then nothing shows on the slot

Yes No No No No

X appears because it's the default.

When configurations have no schedule, the default wins.

Yes No No Yes No

Y appears because it's scheduled, even if it's not the default.

When one configuration is selected based on schedule, that one wins.

Yes No Yes Yes No

X appears, assuming X is the last configuration edited.

When both configurations are selected based on schedule, the latest edited one wins. If you want to control how the tie is broken, then rank the slot configurations.

Yes No Yes Yes X:10, Y:20

X appears because 10 beats 20 as the lowest rank

When both are selected based on schedule, the one with lowest rank wins and any rank beats no rank.

Yes No Yes Yes X:10, Y:10

Y appears because it was the last one edited.

When both configurations are selected based on schedule and have the same rank, the latest edited one wins.

Multiple Slot Configurations and A/B Testing

If two configurations exist, both are selected based on a schedule, both have same or no rank, but one configuration is the target of an A/B test segment, which slot configuration appears?
  • If the A/B test segment experience selects the related slot configuration, then that slot configuration shows.
  • If the A/B test control group is running, the last edited slot configuration wins, even if it happens to be the one related to the A/B test.
With all other things being equal, Salesforce B2C Commerce selects the last edited configuration. The fact that this configuration is also the target of an A/B test doesn't play a role here because that schedule is never used for the A/B test.
Note: Make sure the configuration that is a target of an A/B test doesn't have a continuous schedule that might make it visible on other cases.

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