Coupon Analytics and Reporting

Coupons enable you to track the effectiveness of specific promotions and campaigns via redemptions. By analyzing this information, you can adjust your promotional strategies to increase repeat business and revenue.

Analyze coupon code activity using the following tools:

Resource Description
Business Manager Redemptions page

This page shows the following data for each coupon code redemption (to view select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Coupons > View Redemptions).

  • Coupon ID
  • Code number
  • Order Number
  • Time of redemption
  • Customer email
Storefront ISML Templates

The ReportOrder.isml and ReportBasket.isml scripts illustrate how to log promotions and coupon price adjustments for reporting purposes.

Order export

The XML text generated for an order export includes the following information for coupon redemptions:

  • Net price adjustment
  • Tax adjustment
  • Gross price adjustment
  • Base price adjustment
  • Coupon description
  • Promotion ID
  • Campaign
  • Coupon Number
Promotion Conversion Report

These reports describe the aggregate effect of all associated qualifiers.

To analyze the effect of a single coupon, you must uniquely associate the coupon with a promotion. The promotion shouldn't have source code qualifiers or promotion rules.

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